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In a Free Trial of SupeRep? - Make sure and check out this section first!

SupeRep Free Trial Guidelines

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Getting Started? - Do these steps first!

STEP 1: Upload Items

STEP 2: Upload Accounts

STEP 3: Cart Customization

STEP 4: Manage Users and Profile

STEP 5: Synchronization with SupeRep

Product Release Notes

SupeRep App Release Notes

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Back Office Release Notes (web version)

SupeRep for Windows

How To for SupeRep Back Office

How to - Sales Transaction Types

How To - Images

How To - Orders


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How To - General

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How To - Uploading Files via ERP Upload

How To - Pricing

How To work with Discounts


How To - Tasks

Common Errors and Fixes - search before contacting support

Help on Errors and FAQ's

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Getting Started with SupeRep App

Recorded SupeRep Webinars

Using the SupeRep App - Videos

SupeRep at Tradeshows


How To - SuperBiz

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SupeRep ERP Integration

Getting Started with ERP Integration

SupeRep™ for SAP B1

User Manual

SupeRep™ for Quickbooks

Release Notes and User Manual


SupeRep Back Office Guidelines

Managing Your Catalog

Customizing Invoice PDF/Order Workfllow

Uploading Items Using Industry Specific Excel Templates

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